I conduct workshops for groups and give individual classes and consultations on request, in person as well as online in English or Polish. 

For a number of years I have been involved in visual education, leading photography courses for teenagers and adults and Art workshops for children in my private studio as well as in cooperation with cultural institutions and NGOs in Poland and abroad. I have cooperated with, among others: Nikon School, the Warsaw School of Photography, Krakow Univeristy of Technology, Wawel Royal Castle, the National Museum, the Conrad Festival in Krakow, the Vintage Photo Festival in Bydgoszcz, the Cinematography Museum in Lodz,  X-CHANGE Culture and Science and TransUrban from Vienna.

I have taken part in Art and social projects connecting Europe and Asia. Amongst other things, I have led art workshops for children in Iran, India, Turkey and Italy, photography classes at the University of Yazd in Iran and photo-expeditions to Myanmar and Iran.

Workshops are led by ImageWorks Anita Andrzejewska Andrzej Pilichowski Ragno. Join us on:

Photos from the workshops

Teaching method

My teaching method is based on the principles of personal development and communication through Art. I apply my experience as an artist and mindfulness trainer bringing contemplative psychology and mindfulness practices to my workshops. I firmly believe that creativity and a striving for beauty are deeply innate needs of human beings which help us to explore our true potential and allow us to communicate beyond the age, culture and society that we live in. I try to act more as a guide than a teacher and support my students in searching for their own voice rather than imposing my own patterns on my students. As Bruce Lee once said: “A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence”.

Workshops subjects

Analogue photography – a complete silver printing technique course, from exposing the negative through the developing process to making stunning prints.

Photo-expedition – two-week field trip abroad during which participants work on their individual photography projects (documentary, reportage, portrait etc). The workshop covers the research process, finding a subject and the visual language needed to convey the story, shooting in an alien culture, mastering technique and editing and sequencing.

Portrait: studio, interior, environment (with Andrzej Pilichowski-Ragno, www.pilichowskiragno.pl). To create a good portrait a lot has to come together: composition, lighting and the model’s expression. The workshop is focused on working with a model in different types of lighting (ambient, studio and mixed) and editing of images.

Masterclass (with Andrzej Pilichowski-Ragno) – an eight-month mentorship programme focused on creating a long-term personal project. Students master technical skills, receive personal assignments and learn how to develop concepts, work with subjects, build a story as well as how to bring their images to life through post-production and the final presentation.


“The workshop has been a turning point in my development as a photographer. I have taken on new challenges and started to shoot in colour. The assignments from Anita and Andrzej inspired me to experiment and helped me to discover and explore new possibilities.  Since I completed the Masterclass course, I have become a much more aware photographer. Last but not least, I have met some wonderful people who I have learned a good deal from”.

“Putting it simply, photography brings me real joy. Also, when you meet people interested in looking at your images and who have a lot to say about them, it’s tremendous luck.

“I loved the assignments and, as we all discovered, these were hugely beneficial in invigorating our projects with new ideas (and allowing us to see them from a fresh perspective). The huge advantage of this course is the genuine and dedicated involvement of the mentors: Anita and Andrzej. I just wish the course had never come to an end!”.

“I would like to officially say a huge thank you to everyone from the Masterclass progamme for this 6 month adventure in photography. We made a great, supportive group and each one of you was wonderfully inspiring. The biggest thanks go to Anita and Andrzej for their desire and patience in motivating us to persue new paths and achieve new goals”.